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Chamber Checks

Chamber Checks make the perfect gift for your employees, co-workers, family and friends! Our Chamber Check Program offers a unique way to keep dollars and spending in our local economy.

Chamber Checks

What are chamber checks?

Chamber checks are gift certificates, purchased through Nelson County Chamber of Commerce that can be spent at participating Chamber member's businesses. Chamber Checks look like a check, but spend like cash! They are designed to be purchased with the intent of keeping dollars in our community.

How do I purchase Chamber Checks?

Chamber Checks can be purchased at the Nelson County Chamber of Commerce. We accept cash, check, or credit card payments. We kindly ask that you call ahead to order your Chamber Check(s) as each check is "printed-to-order".

How does a Merchant Accept Chamber checks?

Chamber checks look like a check, but should be accepted like cash at your business. The checks are actual bank checks drawn locally.

As a chamber member who participates in this program, you can accept the checks at your business. The Chamber check program helps keep money in Bardstown and Nelson County.

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Questions about Chamber Checks?

Contact Elliott Newland or Hannah Viens 502-348-9545